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We respect and protect your privacy.

Please read our privacy policy below.

Our relationship with you

Who we are

 We are Safeporter LLC, a trust platform enabling organizations to understand their diversity profiles and receive inclusion feedback in a way that protects the privacy of the individuals they seek information and feedback from.

Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by emailing


This privacy policy applies if:

- you have administrative access to a client dashboard via or to the client-side DataProtected app

- you have filled out a survey or provided feedback on

- you or your organization have filled out a vendor survey through

you are visiting or our other websites, or


- if you are a client, potential investor, or you have otherwise reached out to or been in contact with us by e-mail.

Our role

Safeporter plays two different roles when it comes to processing your data. In some situations, we act as a Controller, in others we are the Processor.

When we are a Processor of personal data, we are handling your data only in line with the instructions of an organization you are affiliated with (that organization is, in these cases, the Controller).

We act as a Processor for the following types of data subjects: Client admin users who have been designated by the client organizations to access the aggregate dashboards on or to use the client-hosted DataProtected application. Vendor employees who fill out vendor surveys for our clients through the vendor portal on

When we act as a Controller, that means that we are responsible for making decisions about how we handle the data we hold, and for protecting that data on your behalf and in line with data protection laws.

We act as a Controller for the following types of data subjects: Users of our surveys and inclusion feedback portal who have activated SafePorter IDs from their organization, SafePorter employees and job applicants, suppliers, clients, prospective clients, individuals who make inquiry of our organization, investors, and website visitors.

If you are an employee, member or student who has been invited to access and engage with our surveys your information is handled in two parts:
When you receive an invitation e-mail from your organization with your SafePorter ID,
The Controller for the invitation process will be your employer/school/organisation. (SafePorter does not send you emails or have any  access to any name or contact information for survey participants.)

Once you interact with the MyDataProtected survey platform, we become the Controller and we protect the diversity identity data, survey answers and inclusion feedback you provide. Your personal data is not shared at an identifiable level with your employer/organisation.


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